What is cosy?

Cosy cosy-scape

adjective: cosy
giving a feeling of comfort, warmth, and relaxation

Our homes are our own little havens from our crazy busy lives, we all need that precious space in our lives where we feel calm, comfortable and at peace.

But what makes a space feel cosy?

There's no one specific answer, it's more about layering up the cosy, creating pockets of tranquility that are perfectly you. Cosy is a little eclectic, a little luxe and a little romantic. Throw out the decorating rule book and style with your heart.


Idea's to get you started:

Dark hues: darker tones make us feel safe and secure, they bring a sense of warmth into the room, they envelop the space and encourage us to relax and slumber.

Soft lighting: reduce the glare of bright white lights and replace with warm globes, lamps and ceiling lights on a dimmer switch. Go for luxe with a chandelier turned down low.


Blend & layer: bring in elements of old and new, try out combinations of luxe and practical materials. Layer up tones of your favourite colour using different materials. Chunky knit throw draped across worn old leather sofa, unfinished wood stump with delicate fine china tea set.


Rugs: soft squishy rugs soothe the tired feet and bring instant cosy into the room. But don't stop at one, layer up your rugs, mix and match different textures and colours for that extra cosy look.

Blankets & throws: you can never have too many throws in your cosy space. Layer them up, build lush piles of cosy cuddle friends. We strongly recommend a mix of chunky knits, light crochet throws and a fluffy sheepskin to begin with. For the decorating purest among you, stick to tones of your wall colours, for the rest of us bring out the colourful crochet rug, that delicious blanket you scored at the market, dig into the back of the closet and show off your old favourites.


A bit of you: bring in some personal treasures and precious pieces. Build memories and dreams into your 'cosy-scape'. Consider using a vintage suitcase as a coffee table, use a stack of books as a plant stand, bring in blooms from your garden. 




Books: essential component of every cosy nook, pile them, put them on a shelf, utilise them as furniture alternatives, display them, maybe even read them! But whatever you do - have plenty of them.


Cushions: pile up cushions in every size and shape. Decorating diva's should be working with complementary tones, for the eclectic choose a couple of colours from your favourite blanket or knick knack and bring a blast of colour into the room.


Plants: keep your space feeling refreshed and healthy with a living plant. Romantics should look for soft trailing plants to drape gracefully from shelves or a fireplace. Nature lovers can create a hot house effect with ferns and indoor palms. Garden blooms, or even picture or textiles with flowers are another way to soothe the senses.


Furniture placement: create conversation spaces, even if you are the only one using the space. The visual appeal of a placing a couple of chairs facing each other, or a sofa with an armchair close soothes our screen weary eyes and encourages us to slow down and take a seat.

Candles: yes, yes, yes. Candles with soft warm fuzzy scents are an absolute necessity (just stay with one fragrance, this is not the time to mix and match). 


Most importantly: go screen free. Cosy is about rest, calm and a moment to yourself, there is no room in a cosy-scape for screens. There just isn't.

So put this away and let's get cosy ...


Linda x



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