Luxury Just Got Cosy ...

Cosy Luxury

Snuggle into the lush woolly wonder of each stitch, get lost in the pillowy softness, nestle in the natural goodness ...

… of your own pure Australian Merino hand knitted chunky knit blanket.


Luxury is exquisite style, refined elegance, sumptuous quality, indulgent pleasures, rare and precious, bliss in abundance. Luxury is a lifestyle, an understanding of enriched value.

Cosy is a haven of soft and calm, a snuggly intimate sense of being, a feeling of being cuddled up and deliciously comfy. Cosy is a destination, your own quiet sanctuary of mellow contentment.


Our blankets are friendly, warm and cosy. They have a quite calmness that entices you into stopping for a moment, take a deep breath and slow down.

They know Sunday afternoons are for couch snuggling, hot chocolate and bad movies.


They understand what ‘good in the bedroom’ really means, and they’re not afraid to show it ;) Long lazy weekends spent cosied up in bed is kinda their thing, it’s what they do best.

Our Flying Lamb blankets have a deep respect and fondness for the traditions that formed them, and embrace and cheer on new technology and techniques.


We look forward to being part of your journey into sublimely luxurious snuggle time. Get cosy with us as we craft your beautiful big chunky knit blanket just for you.


Linda x

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