Goodbye hygge: the new Scandinavian concept set to dominate 2017

Before we begin: this story originally appeared in, and while we love a good Scandi trend here at The Flying Lamb, this is one trend we don't think we can embrace ... 'leave the last peice of cake on the plate'! seriously! But we thought you Scandi obsessed types might enjoy the read :) ~ Linda x


The world has become obsessed with the Danish concept of hygge – the creation of a warm cosy atmosphere in the home.

However, this year the cosy days of hygge look to make way for a cool new concept emerging from Sweden.

Enter: Lagom. 

The Swedish concept of lagom, which means "not too much, not too little", is a dream come true for the minimalist.

(Pic: Jane Ussher)

The Swedish concept of lagom, which means “not too much, not too little”, is a dream come true for the minimalist. 

This new Scandinavian concept, which means: “not too much, not too little”, puts a focus on moderation and sustainability and encourages its followers – who refer to themselves as lagomers – to find balance in their lives.

Unsure of how to introduce lagom into your life? Here are some tips for creating a Scandinavian approved home. 


Moderation is a key factor when styling a lagom home. Take a minimalist approach and style your home sparsely with good quality homewares.

Additionally, extend this moderation into other areas of your life. This includes reducing your water usage, power usage and food waste (switch off appliances instead of leaving them on standby and have shorter showers, for example). 

The storage solutions on this work space gives life to this creative corner.


Start small and make simple changes, such as replacing incandescent light bulbs with LEDs. Not only is this change better for the environment, but it will also reduce your power bill. Result.

Follow that up by opting for energy-efficient appliances when it comes time to replacing existing ones. If you spend more upfront console yourself with savings made in power consumption.


Incorporate nature into your home by adding indoor plants to your decor. From hardy succulents to hanging plants and vertical gardens, adding a touch of greenery will not only bring life into a room but is also unquestionably stylish and has proven health benefits.


Don’t discard the antique chest of drawers that belonged to your grandmother just because it doesn’t suit your home’s colour scheme. Instead, give old furniture new life with a fresh lick of paint or by transforming it into something totally new or rehome it in a different part of your abode. 


You might not be the next Marie Kondo but take the time to declutter your home and follow this up by investing in storage solutions. This will bring organisation to your home and limit any unused goods.


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