Why do we only use Australian wool?

To produce our amazing wool products, we at The Flying Lamb work only with the best Australian wool, grown, processed and hand-crafted here. A few people have asked me why we only use wool, and why is it such a big deal that we use Australian wool.


Here are the top reasons why we choose Australian wool - and you should too!

1.   Warm and comfortable

Wool is one of the best clothing materials, due to her ability to regulate your body temperature and keep you warm during the cold months. Australian wool is well-renowned for its quality - lightweight and warm, durable, soft and super comfortable!


2.   Natural

Wool is a protein fibre, formed in the skin of the sheep, it’s completely natural and non-man-made material. Your body breathe  can breathe in one of the most effective forms of weather protection known to man,  it’s a natural insulator that will keep you cozy warm, without causing irritation to your skin!


3.   Eco-friendly and healthy

We work only with local producers and we ensure all our wool grown and milled here in Australia. Our wool is an eco-friendly material and a renewable natural resource that will guarantee a healthy environment and is suitable for adults, as well as little children!


4.   Easy to care for

Apart from being snuggly warm and comfortable, wool is also amazingly easy to care for. To clean and maintain your wool’s condition - simply air it regularly. Spills can be cleaned up by spot cleaning with water, or if it’s a serious spill a gentle hand wash is all that’s required. See more detailed instructions here.


5.   Support local businesses

Our wool is processed by one of the last working woollen mills in Australia. By using locally sourced wool and keeping the production in Australia, we provide sustainable economic support for our agricultural families and wool industry. By buying Australian wool, you choose healthy, environmentally-friendly products that also helps the local small businesses!