Weekend Rituals


No matter how wonderful, productive or enjoyable the work week may have been, our weekends (traditional or not) are a wonderful time to savor time doing precisely what brings us pleasure. Yes, a getaway weekend every once in a while is certainly a treat, but the everyday, regular Saturday and Sunday can be magnificent if we consciously choose to bring into our lives rituals that we love. And the good news is, once we know how to make the most of them, we have the opportunity to enjoy them quite often.

Here are a few rituals I regularly look forward to and eagerly wait for nearly each week:

1. Stopping by the local bakery to pick up a croissant


~Sparrow Bakery~


2. Catch up on leisurely reading material



3. Stop by a local cozy bookstore, find a cozy chair, order a hot cup and forget about the time.



4. Cook a favorite recipe


~recipe for Spaghetti alla Carbonara~

5. Take a long walk with the pups

walk2 walk1

Now it is your turn. What are some of your favorite weekly rituals that heighten your excitement for a leisurely weekend at home or in your hometown?


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