How to make the basic knit stitch

To make The Lamb blanket, I use the basic knit stitch from start to finish - easy right!

For anyone who can knit -sure, but if you are new to knitting or have never knitted with roving it can be tricky.

Below are two videos that introduce the basics of the knit stitch. The first video is a great version of how to form the knit stitch and provides great explanation for each movement. 

The second video is one of the world's fastest knitters slowing her movement right down to show the movement our grandmothers would have used. The fluid version Hazel uses is faster and creates a more even result, and is generally more satisfying as it creates a gentle meditative rhythm as you go.

Interestingly, I use the first method when knitting the big chunky blankets due to the sheer size of the needles. 

If you are new to knitting roving here are a few practical tips:

1. Un-roll all your wool before you start. I use a big plastic storage container with a sealable lid to keep all the nasties out.  Or you could use a big laundry basket, just make sure there are no snags or broken bits that might catch your wool.

2. Cast on using a basic knit stitch style - the sturdy style of cast on stitches are too thick when using roving and can produce an uncomfortably stiff edge.

3. Position your wool at your feet, and check for anything that could snag the wool. Remove the cat / puppy before beginning. Turn on your favourite music or a romantic movie.

4. Keep your wool loose as you make each stitch - the roving is like knitting fairy floss and will break under pressure

5. Wrap the roving around the needle as usual, gently managing the tension without pulling or tugging on the fibre

6. As you pull the wool through, keep the feeder wool loose and allow the needle to carry the wool through to make your stitch

7. With your new stitch on the right needle, check the tension and gently adjust if too tight / loose

and repeat ...


Free Learn to Knit downloadable instructions:

Learn to Knit instruction by The Flying Lamb   Learn to knit the purl stitch. Knitting instructions by The Flying Lamb


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