How to create the perfect romantic cosy night in - just 5 steps!

Want to make THE most romantic date night in with your new love or your soulmate?

Cosying up together gives you the opportunity to really get to know your partner, to create new memories, laugh over old memories, build an intimate space where you can both just 'be'.

Romantic night in | Hygge Romance | Date Night | Chunky knits

Let's create this cosy-scape:

  1. Put on your most comfy tracksuit or pj's
  2. Switch all your lamps on, scatter all your candles around the room, turn the ceiling lights off
  3. Bring your two comfiest chairs together (coffee table close by), layer up cushions and throws (we suggest a chunky knit or two)
  4. Pour a large glass of wine, steaming cup of hot chocolate or a mug of mulled wine, put a cheese platter or warm bread on the table
  5. Invite your partner to sit down and share their stories. Ask questions, listen and laugh together. Share the moment, savour the soft gentle glow of love and contentment. 

A beautiful night in your romantic hygge life 


Linda x

Optional extra: a purring kitty cat or large loveable dog are always good editions