Cosy Essentials - 5 elements to creating your ultimate cosy-scape

Top 5 essential items to create your ultimate cosyscape, the must have items to build the cosiest nest and indulge in a little quiet time. Create a special little nook or hyggekrog and escape from the busyness of your day. 

Let's get cosy ...


1. Hot Chocolate

Or Chai. Or Tea. Or any warm beverage you prefer.

But definitely hot, served in a ceramic or stoneware in that perfect huggable size that sits rights into your cupped hands.

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2. Blankets

Chunky knits are of course our go to blanket. There is nothing cosier than snuggling down into lush thick woolly goodness of a chunky knit. 

Or a colourful crochet throw. Or a knitted patchwork blanket.

In summer we like to get cosy with a cotton crochet throw or a light and breezy linen.


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3. Books

Not just any book will do. Your cosy book needs to totally engrossing, maybe a dash of adventure and romance, but overall it must grab you and suck you into the story, whisk you off to another time and space.

It's time to get cosy, grab that bestseller and settle in.



4. Socks

Thick woollen hand knits are the ultimate choice of a cosy professional. But that's not always possible, so any sock is better than no socks. As true blue Australians and all round lamb lovers, we include genuine Ugg's as a sock alternative.

Even in summer we think socks are an essential part of your cosyscape, try a light cotton or bamboo ankle sock for breathability but still maintaining that feeling of a foot hug.

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5. Snacks

Rich chocolatey brownies. Soft chewy Anzac biscuits. Gooey caramel slices. Warm straight out of the oven scones. Pretty much anything you can pick up with one hand and smoosh into your mouth. Anything that will give a little taste sensation that translates into 'tasty cosy'. We even concede that healthy snacks can be cosy snacks, as long as they make you feel like you are nibbling on a little slice of home, then healthy snack to your hearts content.

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