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We believe in ...

Luxury - in the little everyday moments, right through to the lush, exquisite and super sexy decadence.

Cosy - comfort, warmth and quiet time. A place to relax, a time to slow down. 

Hygge - creating feelings of happiness, friendliness and wellbeing everyday.

The Flying Lamb chunky knit blankets are handcrafted from the softest, most luxurious Australian Merino wool, in our woolly workshop on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula, Australia.

Our business is based on the very simple concepts of indulging in every day luxuries, creating cosy spaces and living a meaningful life full of family friends and warm contentment. Linda, our founder has an obsession natural products, local sourcing and keeping warm. Our chunky knit blankets are the evolution of a life surrounded by knitters, an early discovery of rich raw Australian wool and a personal belief in enjoying a little bit of luxury everyday.

The philosophies mindfulness, family and living an abundant life are stitched into every blanket. A Flying Lamb blanket is so much more than just another on trend home accessory, our throws and blankets enrich and nurture everyone who takes a moment to slow down, snuggle up and get cosy. 

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Are you a day dream believer?

Are you a day dream believer?

Scientific research is proving that day dreaming is not always a lapse in attention, it can be a springboard to our greatest potential.

The human capacity foray dreaming gives us enormous possibilities for realising our deepest desires and strivings. Besides relieving boredom by providing an unlimited source of internally generated entertainment, daydreaming offers a huge arena for realising our own potential.

Chunky Knit Workshop - Melbourne

Chunky Knit Workshop - Melbourne

Create your own chunk of cosiness just in time for winter and indulge in some gentle good fun while knitting a chunky knit scarf or blanket. 

A basic knowledge of knitting techniques will enhance your experience, but don't panic if you have never picked up a set of needles before, we will go through the basic techniques.

At the end of your workshop you will be able to cast on and off (start & finish) and master the 'knit' stitch all on your giant needles. 

No need to bring anything, all your materials will be supplied. We do encourage you to bring a sense of humour and a taste for snacks. There is always plenty of laughs and a delicious array of treats to keep us going.
Knit In Public Day

Knit In Public Day

SAVE THE DATE: we are KNITTING in PUBLIC - come and join us on Saturday 9th of June, from 2pmLocation is currently under wraps, but if you know Mor...